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Why IndyaGenius ?

Craft is the 2nd largest occupation in India. Folk and tribal art and craft in India takes on different manifestations through various medium such as paintings, pottery, weaving and metalwork among others. These are not just aesthetic objects but have a deep symbolic meaning attached to their ethos, Gods, rituals, wisdom, fairs, heroes and traditional science. The folk art constitutes a variety of folk expressions, colours, patterns, beliefs and customs. Warli, Gond, Madhubani tribal paintings are good examples of the same.

The tribal population in India is about 8.6% of the total population i.e. about 104.28 million as per the 2011 census. Their low social and economic development indices are alarming and needs immediate handholding for creating livelihood and employments opportunities. The promotion of their art and culture is perhaps the surest form of their expressions. This is not only necessary for them but more important for the world at large to know them better while we seek their integration into the mainstream. Indya genius is an initiative to bridge that knowledge gap with the sensitivity that it deserves.

Despite the growth of handicrafts industry in India, the average earning of the craftsmen when compared to other fields is very low. Hence the younger generation is moving onto other fields rather than live and promote their art forms. The average age of many master craftsmen is around 50 years. The older generations are gradually dying out and a sense of helplessness pervades as the mantle cannot be passed on due to the difficulties in creating dignified business opportunities. In fact 10% give up skill because they are unable to sustain livelihood. The need of the hour, therefore is handholding the craftsmen to improve their techniques, availability of good raw materials, direct marketing channels, credit and enough wages and socio-economic benefits. IndyaGenius aims to do exactly that.

What do we do

Demonstrate the magical mystic of “Tribal India” espousing tribal cause
Provide platform to promote unique traditional technique and skills
Link rural tribal producers to urban markets
Create a sustainable tribal employment and preserve India's traditional craft and
Blend indigenous craft skills with contemporary designs to bring aesthetics, utility and
affordable items to urban consumers.
Preserve and protect the integrity and authenticity of the tribal art, craft and culture
Plough back profits to need based initiatives and more importantly revive the dying
unique art forms……
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